Writing A Good Jealousy Definition Essay: Things To Remember

Definition essay is a paper where you should describe a certain word. It’s better to choose terms that aren’t concrete objects. For example, writing a definition paper about a table won’t have any sense, because everyone defines it in the same way. It’s interesting to write about terms which definitions may differ depending on the person who makes a definition. Jealousy is a perfect topic for a definition paper, because this word may be described in different ways. If you’re to write your first definition essay, you should know some basic rules. Read this article and follow the tips given below when writing your paper.

  1. Start your paper with a standard definition of jealousy.
  2. Look for a standard definition of the word in a reliable dictionary. Your paper should begin with this quotation in order to give your readers a fundamental idea about your topic. Moreover, in this case your readers will be able to see how the standard definition differs from your interpretation.

  3. Describe jealousy in your own words in your thesis statement.
  4. To demonstrate your own view on jealousy, you should create another definition of this word. Make your thesis brief and simple; you’ll discuss different shades of the word later. Don’t use passive phrases when defining the word. Don’t repeat parts of the standard definition in your thesis statement.

  5. Discuss different parts of the definition in separate paragraphs.
  6. In the body of the text you should look at all parts of your definition separately. In this way you’ll allow your readers to see a full picture of what you want to say in your essay. Each part of the definition should have a separate paragraph in order not be mixed with other parts.

  7. Summarize what you said previously.
  8. In the conclusion you should summarize all your thoughts about jealousy. To make it easier, just look at the beginning of each body paragraph and list your main ideas. Explain everything that wasn’t very clear previously so that your readers could understand the meaning of your paper.

  9. Tell what the role of jealousy is in your life.
  10. You may also add something about your life experience related to jealousy. This may be your jealousy towards somebody else or vice versa. It’d be good if your experience somehow resembled your definition of jealousy given in a thesis statement. That’s why it’s better not to share experience that will contradict your definition of the term.

These tips will definitely help you impress your teacher and get a high score for your paper.

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