In Search Of A Good 5th-Grade Opinion Essay Example

So what does a good 5th-grade opinion essay comprise of? It must contain their point of view on the given topic along with their reasoning and related information.

A piece of opinion writing consists of the following points.

  • Clear introduction to the topic
  • The topic being written on must be clearly thought of. In fact, it is better if intensive research is done in choosing the topic. Once it is chosen, it must be clearly stated.

  • Structure
  • Once the topic is mentioned, the paper must be organized, and a structure is to be thought of. In this structure, ideas to be mentioned must be grouped logically, so that it provides readability. The structure of an essay usually consists of an introduction section where it discusses what the paper is going to talk about. It also consists of a body where the description of the topic ideas is given and explained in detail. Finally, a conclusion section is put at the end of the paper where the main point is re-said, and the argument and conclusion are summarized.

  • Facts and details
  • Logically ordered reasons are to be provided to support the facts and details used in the paper. Also, the facts and details are to be retrieved from genuine and verified sources.

  • Sentence structure and grammar
  • Opinions and reasons must be linked using well-chosen words, phrases and clauses. The correct sentence structures, grammar, spelling and punctuation should be maintained. Complicated words should be avoided or should be mentioned only where necessary, to provide for easy reading and understanding.

  • Tone of writing
  • The language and tone of writing must suit the topic given. That is, whether it is informative, narrative or persuasive. Precise language must be used to communicate the point of view to the audience.

  • Formatting
  • Paragraphs must be indented. Headings and sub-headings must be included. The right type of fonts and sizes of texts should be chosen, and anything else required for consistency and better readability should be carried out.

  • Opinion
  • The writer must provide his/her opinion on this type of assignment. They must be able to give reasons as to why the reader must agree and also convince the reader to take action. Ideas and events must be in sequential or chronological order. They can be divided into paragraphs where each paragraph represents an idea. Ideas must be logically arranged so as to give a flow of thought.

  • Editing
  • Edit and revise the paper to improve the meaning, consistency and clarity. Multiple revisions and edits of writing assignments improve its clarity and will create an understanding among readers.

These are the key points in writing a good 5th-grade opinion essay. Be sure to follow along with each step and make sure that your paper is structured according to these points and the end product will be just what the teacher wants.

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