15 Examples Of Good Topics For An Extended Essay In History

A good history essay topic is much more important than you may think. It determines a lot in the process of working, in the search for arguments, and so on. The choice of a good topic for an extended project is somewhat easier in case you are offered a list of ready suggestions by your teacher. If you are told to find a good one on your own, it can be a challenge. You need to either create it yourself or get professional help from this website.

Where to Search for Good Topics?

The Internet offers access to numerous resources that deal with academic writing. With their help, you can handle many diverse writing matters, starting with the choice of a good essay topic and ending with formatting matters. Besides them, you can find numerous essay topic generators that can provide you with interesting ideas.

Give preference to unique ones that attach the subjects that have not yet been overly discussed by other students. It’s a useful tip that will help you make your own project interesting and valuable from the scientific point of view.

Below, you can also find a list of interesting history topic suggestions that you may use.

  1. How did it come that the Catholic Church lead the governance in the medieval Europe?
  2. Is it correct to call the Middle Ages a Dark Age of complete regression?
  3. How did the plague pandemics influence the development of culture and technologies in the medieval world?
  4. How did Buddhism influence the development and establishment of the Chinese Empire?
  5. Which factors allowed William the Conqueror win in Britain?
  6. Was there any connection between the result of WWI and the preconditions of WWII?
  7. What as the influence of the Golden Age on the development of the civilization in America?
  8. Which factors have neared the end of the South African apartheid?
  9. How did the relationship between China and Japan develop through time?
  10. What’s the reason why totalitarian governance should be banned in any of its forms?
  11. What was the cause of the industrialization of Europe?
  12. Why was an average life so short in the Middle Ages?
  13. What did James Cook expect to find when he discovered Australia?
  14. Can a war be justified? Have there been any wars in the history that can be justified?
  15. What can the humanity do to prevent tragedies like Holocaust?

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