Organizing A Cause And Effect Essay: Writing Techniques From An Expert

Writing a cause and effect essay requires the student to select an approach he will use for the paper. Students often believe or are led to believe that a five-paragraph structure is the best organization for any type of essay assignment. However, this is not true. To organize your cause and effect paper, you will need to divide your assignment into five parts and each part will do its own function in the paper.

This is an approach from an expert writer, which will help students modify their work and clarify their approach towards working on such assignments.

Introduce your topic

The first part of your paper is the introduction where you present the background of the topic and set out the issue at hand. You need to have a clear explanation for the main theme of your paper in this part. This section will be the same as any other introduction of an academic or even nonacademic paper.

Describe the cause

After you complete your introduction, you should move to explaining the cause you are trying to address. You can start with a general cause and build up your paragraph to specify what exactly you will identify as cause in your paper. This would require you to define certain conditions, illustrate these conditions with help of concrete examples and relevant evidence and data. You need to add a transitional sentence or hook in a way that your first paragraph makes way for the effect of this cause.

Describe the effect

Use the second paragraph to explain the effects of the cause you described in the first paragraph. You need to make sure that you start generally and specify it to the point where it fits to your niche or topic of interest. Use examples and real life situations to make your paper more relevant and easy to understand for the audience.

The relation between cause and effect

In the third paragraph of your paper, you should include your perspective about the relationship between the cause in your first paragraph and the effect in your second paragraph. You may want to discuss the short and long-term relation depending upon the issue you are addressing. One important purpose of this section would be to suggest a solution or the way you can improve the situation based on this relation.


Last paragraph, similar to any other essay.

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