Strategies For Creating An Opinion Essay On Life Of Pi

An opinion essay is a kind of writing assignment that is closely related to an argumentative paper, in which you express your side, or opinion, on an issue in the form of a thesis statement and provide supporting evidence demonstrating or proving your opinion to be true. Writing about a classic work of fiction, such as “The Life of Pi” isn’t much different. Here are some strategies for creating a great paper:

Select a Focused, Single Topic

You aren’t going to be able to provide a great critical opinion on the entire novel, which is why you should select a single focused topic for your paper. Consider themes, tones, characters, or some other literary device that is manageable and will make composing your paper much easier.

Find Textual Supporting Evidence

Re-read the novel to find textual evidence to support your central argument. It would be helpful to take notes when you read the novel the first time around so that you can quickly refer to just the sections that apply to your focused topic. Be sure to take accurate citation information (page numbers) so that you don’t have to return to look up this information later in the writing process.

Create an Outline of Your Paper

As an academic writer you should never start an assignment without creating an outline. The more detailed you make your outline the better, but even if it’s fairly plain you should make sure it’s structured in a way that your argument will make the most sense to your reader and express your argument effectively.

Write the First Paper Draft

Compose the first draft of your paper quickly and efficiently. Ideally, try doing so in a single sitting. This will help you get all of your best ideas as they pop up in your mind. This is a great way of making sure you don’t leave out any vital information you need to present a great opinion paper.

Revise the Content of the Paper

Step away from your first draft for at least a few hours. This will allow you to revise your work with a more critical eye. Look for any way you can improve on your content by removing paragraphs or sentences, rearranging material or adding more content.

Edit and Proofread the Final Copy

Finally, you’re ready to edit and proofread your final copy. Look for ways you can improve sentence structure and your choice of words. The more direct and clear you are the better read your essay will be. Look for all the small mistakes you may have missed when revising. Even the smallest error in grammar, punctuation or spelling can cost you a letter grade.

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