Language And Propaganda In The Nazi Regime

Nazi was a political party during Adolf Hitler’s leadership in Germany. Propaganda is a term used to refer to a practice of forcing beliefs or doctrines to subjects by manipulating their minds such that they follow blindly to the direction where they are shown. Propaganda in itself is a negative thing as the topics are not allowed to know the real truth. Propaganda becomes famous for Nazi after the World War 1. The Germans believed that the British won the world war over them because of the British propaganda that worked in their favour.

Embracing of propaganda in the Nazi regime

The idea of propaganda became famous in the time of Adolf Hitler. In his book Mein Kampt, Hitler advocated for propaganda. He considered it as an effective means to spread ideals of National Socialism. In the Nazi regime, propaganda was used as an instrument for acquiring and maintaining power. It was also a very effective and efficient way of implementing policies of the party to the masses without much resistance. At the time that propaganda became famous, the party was planning to pursue total war with their enemies. It is logical that the masses would not agree to their government engaging in war considering the chances of them suffering in the process. Propaganda, therefore, was used as a tool to manipulate the masses to convince them on the safe side of fighting their enemies. The Nazi party was also planning an evil course of killing millions of people in Holocaust. They used propaganda to try and justify their actions that were against human rights.

Employing propaganda and its success in Nazi regime

The primary method used in practicing propaganda was the hiding of the truth, especially where the masses would suffer. Investigations on the truth were not done objectively, the intention being to hide the bitter truth. The government would only disclose to the masses the truth that was in their favour. In 1925, the Nazi party came up with a daily newspaper that published propaganda. In 1927, another paper that was also propagandistic was published. This enhanced the existing paper by the Nazi party and the impact on the masses was huge. Use of propaganda brought various successes to the Nazi party. The most historical one is the easy organization of a demonstration to protest against an American film that advocated for stop of war. The protests led to its ban in Germany.

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