Barriers And Disparities In Health Care

Health care is a complicated issue, on one hand everyone needs medical care, on the other, good medical treatment is expensive, more expensive than the average person can usually afford. Most governments try to enforce measures and programs to help alleviate the expenses but more often than not, only the wealthy can afford complete medical treatment while underprivileged individuals have to suffer the consequences of the medical systems put in place by their governments.

Free health care

Most people, in just about any country, will more likely submit to public hospitals and clinics for treatments of their ailments. Though, the quality of these services are good when conditions are favorable, it is not uncommon that corruption in governments make what could have been adequate facilities, entirely unsatisfactory. For the most part, patients of these hospitals have to wait long periods for treatment and many drugs are unavailable most of the time, leaving financially challenged individuals to purchase these expensive medicines themselves, if they can at all.

Private health care

The name says it all, these institutions are owned and managed by private individuals and corporations and their fees are often completely out of reach for the average citizen without good health insurance. The treatment at these institutes is usually of top quality and most procedures can be obtained once the patient has the necessary finances. This may seem unfair to society however, the reality is that the necessary equipment for carrying out medical procedures properly can be very expensive and so the high costs of these services may be unavoidable.

Personal belief

Their is an aspect of health care that has absolutely nothing to do with economics but instead, it is determined by your personal belief. Many religions are against modern medicine and they often refuse treatment, this can be dire for a young child with completely treatable cancer, or asthma. This is not so much a barrier for the family as much as it can deny a young person their chance to lead a long life. Many believe that it should be left up to the child to decide whether they would like treatment or not when they are mature enough and until then, treatment should not be denied.

Health care is a complicated issue, there are many aspects to consider, and many people in the world do not have access to proper medical facilities. The entire world should unite to improve our current systems since we are all part of the same organism, Planet Earth.

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