Decent Advice On How To Write An Essay On Communication Skills


Communication is very important. Without communicating with others, you become isolated. You always have to communicate decently, when you are dealing with a client, talking to your teacher, a friend or a new family member, with your team members, especially when you are in a meeting or going for interview. It involves reading, writing, listening and speaking. In addition to it, the word delivery, accent, your pitch, and off course your body language.

It is a very interesting topic to write an essay on. You must mention the importance of communication in your essay.

A right word at right moment can make your personality very impressive. Contrary to this a wrong word said at wrong time can seriously spoil your life. Your enhanced communication level will help you in becoming successful. Communication only work for those, who work on it. According to a survey report, members of different organizations daily spend 70 percent time in communicating with others weather it is through writing, reading or listening and speaking.

Importance of developed communication skills

When you lack communication skills, you do not dare to ask any question from your teacher. You become hesitant and under-confident. You cannot deliver your thoughts, ideas or plan properly. Friends start bullying you and you would easily become hurt. To avoid all these situations, and to develop a strong eye-contact, one must have a strong command on his communication skills.

  1. It helps in communicating on international level.
  2. It polishes your personality
  3. It helps in motivating others, especially for a campaign
  4. It helps in taking quick decisions and in commanding or leading others
  5. It helps in planning a project, idea or anything
  6. It gives you an extra point in interviews, especially if you are living in a third-world country, where people do not have a strong communication skills. You get a chance to excel.
  7. It is essential for project officers and managers to communicate properly to understand the customers, clients and officers. Without this skill, they would never be able to understand the client’s and company’s requirements.
  8. It gives you an edge in your working environment
  9. When you have a command on strong communication skills, you are given preference while giving an interview in a firm.
  10. You have a strong impact on other family members and everyone respects your words. You enjoy strong relationships and can easily win an argument battle.

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