Changes In Slavery

Slavery was considered as one of the most significant economic activities, especially by colonialists. Notably, several changes occurred in slavery with time over the years. Early in the 18th Century, slaves were treated brutally by their masters. The quality of life for slaves was poor as rendered by their masters. Slaves had to endure the pain of separation from family members. This is because slaves could be separated from their families and taken to work in different parts of the country. The slaves had to work for several hours, were given poor quality food and had to sleep in large numbers in smaller spaces. In most societies where slaves were used for economic benefits, primarily working in plantations, the slaves did not enjoy any rights. Physical punishments were frequent including whipping. Even with the hard work and endurance, slaves still felt demoralized. Their masters did not care about their emotions or their opinions.

Significant Changes in Slavery

In 1830s, there were noted changes in America. The way that the slaves were treated changed. One of the significant changes was religion. The preachers were allowed to preach the gospel to the slaves. The slaves were willing to listen and hear from the preachers. The slaves slowly started converting to Christianity and being conversant in the new faith. The slaves also received better treatment from their masters. Gradually, the physical punishment on slaves stopped. They were offered better spaces in cabins to sleep and rest after work. The food fed to slaves was improved. These were positive changes as they made the slaves more comfortable. All these changes, however, were meant to make the slaves work harder and better. With time, there was advocacy against Slavery led to the ban of slavery and slave trade in America. The laws and regulations against slavery and slave trade was a major step in restoring the dignity of those who had been slaves.

Modern Slavery

Modern-day slavery is very different. People work willingly as slaves. Providing for family members is one of the reasons why people choose to work as slaves. Others do so to pay debts. This is however common in developing countries. Legal laws that ban slavery in developed countries do not allow slavery. Child labor and prostitution are some of the examples in modern day slavery. Others work as house helps for their masters. This is not considered to be abuse as most people work at free will.

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