The Law On Abortion In Canada

Canada is one of the few nations that have taken the bold step to legalize abortion. The first step was when they made the abortion laws liberal in 1966. Later on in 1988, the laws were abolished by the Supreme Court. This made it legal for any person to practice abortion in Canada. This has brought some advantages and disadvantages to Canada as a country. There are no restrictions to whoever is willing to take on abortion. You do not need consent from the spouse, parents or even a doctor. Women do not have to worry about time of pregnancy as there is no law that makes it illegal at whatever stage you choose to. Again, women do not have to wait for results of various court battles and medical examination results. This has helped a lot and women in Canada now practice safe abortion in a responsible manner.

Difficulties of Legal Abortion in Canada

Because of the free abortion, many women are practicing abortion in Canada. This has made it difficult for the government of Canada to provide safe facilities that offer abortion services. There are few abortion clinics and women are forced to go to hospitals for abortion. There are not very many hospitals in Canada. The politicians and the influential people have seized that opportunity and set up private abortion clinics. Unfortunately, most of these abortion clinics do not meet the minimum health standards. Women, therefore, continue to face health risks when undergoing an abortion. These clinics are owned by politicians and it is hard for people to raise claims against them. Making abortion legal has also reduced the birth rate in Canada. Today, Canada is almost half way under populated for a country of its size. The under population has also made it difficult for the government to provide for quality health services.

Canada’s Experience

Making abortion legal has made it a private affair between a doctor and client. However, this has helped minimize the risk of women having to go through abortion in a backyard clinic with no facilities. Eighty percent of the population in Canada approves abortion. This is as opposed to less than sixty percent of women in America that approve abortion. By the community accepting abortion, they have given women a right to choose. After all, women would never have got the chance to make a real decision on whether to keep a baby or abort it.

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