Important Things To Remember About The Evaluation Essay Format

An evaluation essay format is basically made up of the introduction, body and conclusion. However, a lot goes into achieving this basic structure. The following tips will apply at all times and ensure that your idea of the format works.

The Introduction

Every paper must have an introduction. This section provides a brief overview of what to expect from the entire presentation. Without providing details, it highlights the main points that will be discussed in the rest of the paper. The introduction also captures the thesis statement. This is a statement that will form the basis of your interrogation of the subject throughout the paper.

An effective introduction must indicate the perspective that the writer intends to take on the subject matter at hand. In case of an argument, a reader should know the stand being adopted by the author by reading the introduction. The length of the introduction is determined by the length of the entire paper. With a five paragraph evaluation essay, the introduction should only be one paragraph. As the paper gets longer, more words will be needed to introduce the subject and thus the introduction becomes longer.

The Body Paragraphs

This is the section used by the author to expound on his stand regarding the subject. It carries the weight of the topic at hand. The length of the body paragraphs depends on the expected length of the entire paper. If the paper is five paragraphs long, three paragraphs will be used for the body.

The body paragraphs are used to provide details of the statement or thesis given in the introduction. The paragraphs therefore contain examples, explanations and references. They are more factual than opinionated. They views of the author are not captured at this point yet.

The Conclusion

This section binds all discussions made in the body. It provides the last chance for you to make a bold statement about the topic. Ensure that no new information is introduced at the conclusion. It should be a time to summarize everything that has been said throughout the paper. A person reading the conclusion should see a summarized version of the entire paper.

Any evaluation essay should follow this format regardless of its length or the subject in question. Each section should effectively play its role in the writing process. The length in terms of number of words, sentences or paragraphs is determined by the overall length of the paper.

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