5 Key Points In An Argumentative Essay: Writing Tips For Students

An argumentative essay is a sort of writing which requires a writer to defend the stand taken by the writer on a topic using information from his/her personal experience, literature, historical examples and research to support his or her viewpoint.

Students while preparing to write an argumentative essay is important to evaluate all the key points. Proper research is needed to analyze various documents. Once the information is collected through the various evidences, the student can make an informed decision as to which side has the strongest arguments or which side the student supports.

5 key points in an argumentative essay: writing tips for students

  • Introduction
  • Developing your argument
  • Body paragraphs
  • Refuting Opponent’s Argument
  • Conclusion


The introduction is made up of a “hook”, “background information” and a “thesis statement”. The first sentence in an essay should comprise of a “hook” which grabs the reader’s attention immediately. Thereafter the student should briefly highlight the background information about the topic he or she has chosen to write. Finally, the thesis statement is written which is the last statement of the introduction where the students clearly state his or her position or side on the topic and give reasons for taking that stance.

Developing your argument:

The argument in an essay should be based on different claims. Claims are statements made to support your argument. For making claims it is very important to provide evidences for the same. Evidences should be of factual information from reliable sources.

Body Paragraphs:

Body Paragraphs are the paragraphs where the students need to explain the evidences that they have relied on. This paragraph is not for proving any point but it is necessary for providing information to help the readers understand the topic better.

Refuting Opponent’s Argument:

Here the students need to state the opponent’s views and his or her proper rebuttal thereafter. The opponent’s viewpoint should be vehemently refuted and strong evidence needs to be placed to defeat the opponent’s stance or viewpoint.


To conclude, it is important to reiterate the importance of the issue in question, as to why the instant topic is critical. It is also important to try and depict a picture where if the argument put forward is not implemented then it would lead to a devastating effect. Therefore, you should do your own research and substantiate your argument with experts views and comments.

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