How Do I Write A Good Essay About Why Abortion Is Wrong

There are many social evils and unethical abortion can be one of them. There are many disadvantages of abortion. Before writing a paper on this topic you need to know about abortion. There are many aspects of this topic. You should read about it and gather knowledge first.

It will help you to understand subject matter well. Once you understand well, you will not face a problem in writing the essay. Four major aspects are being explained here which will help you in writing essay.

Women’s sentiment is hurt

Human society is made of men and women. Women are empowered to give birth to a child. Therefore they are mentally attached to the fetus as well. A man becomes father when he takes his child into lap but a woman becomes mother at the time when she conceives the baby. So there is a slight difference in feelings.

Moreover it is woman who bears the pain of childbirth. So women’s attachment towards their child is more than men. Whenever baby is aborted, a woman suffers a lot of mental disharmony.

Encourage to kill girl child

There is much evidence available that indicates that girl children are aborted more than male children. There has been a long trend of killing the girl child in the third world. Our society is male dominated and that is the reason behind killing girl child. Though the situation has changed a lot, much correction still needs to be driven through. Unethical Abortion should be banned completely

Failure to maintain balance in the society

It is now clear that girl child is more seriously affected by abortion. There are many reasons behind abortion. One of the most important and strong reasons behind abortion is killing of the girl child. Governments conduct survey often and it is found in survey that a large number of girl children are killed.

In some states, the situation has become very bad. In South Asia, this has almost grown into a phenomenon. That is why there is huge difference in balance of men and women.

Negative impact on society

One social evil encourages more evils. If it continues then number of women will reduce in our society and number of male will increase. This will be a serious threat to humanity. We cannot imagine a society without women. They are creator of human society. Necessary action should be taken to root out this evil from our society.

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