How To Enhance Your Essay Writing Skills: The Easiest Method

Essay writing gives you opportunity to express your ideas intellectually, to argue on a higher level on a particular topic and receive positive feedback. However, no matter the feedback, you are always trying to write better paper than the last one. There is a problem with this. If you are writing essays regularly, your style most probably sounds repetitive. Even though you receive positive feedback, you are always trying to sound better in the next writing. Here are several tips and techniques to achieve this.

Read a lot

It doesn’t matter if it is a regular daily column in a newspaper, or several pages of a book, try to read as much as your time allows you every day. The more you read, the richer you are.

When you read different styles of writing you start to acquire their technique and give your own characteristic, so that you sound a little different. In a way, try to copy them by giving your own style. That does seem like change and improvement.

Another point of this is that you get critical. Whatever you read, you start thinking how would you write that in a different way to sound better. You start thinking of how to improve someone else’s writing. That’s called - improving your thoughts.

Mind the grammar

  • Active not passive - Don’t forget that you should always try to put your sentence in active voice. It sounds more natural.
  • Present tense – Almost all critical essays on literature are written in present tense, except when you have to refer to something that is going to happen in the future, or happened in the past. However, avoid sentences like: “That lake was a symbol of love for Miriam”, instead use present “That lake is a symbol of love for Miriam”, no matter if the book was written centuries ago.
  • Spell check – No matter how old time it sounds, always leave some time to check the writing in order to avoid embarrassing yourself. And of course, leave time to read it all over again before submitting it.

Verification from another person

Always give your writing to another person to read. Sometimes, it might sound right to you, but it is not. In order to prevent such mistakes, you have to ask for a second opinion apart from yours. Of course you shouldn’t take every opinion as valid, but if you think that that person is credited to correct you then accept something of what they think. Above all, it is your writing, and your style. Everyone has the right to be critical.

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