The American Dream

During the time of depression in the land, everyone dreamt for better, richer, and fuller life that made the U.S. writer James Truslow Adams to coin the term “the American Dream” in 1931 in his book The Epic of America. Still, the idea has been derived from the Declaration of Independence, 1776. It is not the dream that comes in the night and vanishes in the morning, but a dream to achieve the fullest stature with greater opportunity for everyone based on his/her ability or accomplishment. This is to get the social order where every woman and man have to be recognized for innate capabilities regardless of his/her birth and for what they are. The term proclaims the statement that all humans are created to get equal opportunity and born with the right to live their life freely and happily.

The American Dream is considered as United States’ national ethos that describes the freedom as an opportunity to get success and prosperity and move ahead in life without any barriers. The meaning of the phrase may be transformed in the course of time, but it has never lost its base idea of receiving the fundamental rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and attaining the prosperity through hard work with liberty. The dream is to find the spiritual happiness and does not mean to the material plenty like a luxury car or comfortable rich houses.

Dream for upward mobility is the basic right of a citizen and common for all humans. He/she must get their liberty to attain what they want to be and what they can be. If an individual strive to achieve something great, he/she must be given the opportunity to work toward his/her aspirations and attain it without any barriers. Only the hard work must be rewarded, not any other factors such as religion, race, money, or ethnicity. Many people have immigrated to America with no money, but with a big dream. They have proved that lack of money would never stop those who are hardworking and passionate people from achieving their targets. This has gradually become the dream of every citizen. Undoubtedly, hard work will be rewarded, and the opportunity must be given to everyone equally without any partiality. Then, it is possible for every a common individual can reach the position where he/she wanted to be.

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