General Advice On How To Come Up With A College Essay Topic

Sometimes when you are taking multiple classes, you have to write lots of essays while you are studying textbooks and such. Your professor has you and other students writing reports on what you have researched. It's not always super easy to figure out what you want to write about. It can be hard to put into words what you might be able to write about. This will give you a few ideas to ponder what you could write about for your assignment.

Base it on the Class

What is your class about? Is it a specific health class, an English class? Maybe your instructor has you working on a unit where you're supposed to write about how someone or some decision made a big impact in history. Or something small had a positive change. If it's math, you don't have much of an essay. Pay attention to this resource for some other suggestions and ideas. Jot down the ideas you come up with and go over notes you may have taken to get more inspiration.

Things You Care about or Want to Share

If you can take this angle, consider things you are passionate about or things you have learned about. Share them in an essay topic. Write down all of the things you can bring up and touch on where you found out about it. See how well it turns into a paper. This depends on the class it will be written up for. Certain papers can fall more towards trying to relate to leadership.

The Angle to Take

Based on whether this is some kind of leadership class, an English class or another kind of class, that makes a big difference. Such as if it's a leadership class you'll be writing about things relating to leadership qualities and historical people who are leader-like. A debate-type class will have you writing about controversial subjects that you have to be careful about. But it takes a specific direction as far as your homework goes.

This gives students the opportunity to express themselves on many levels. You get to reveal different aspects of what you care about and what is important to you. Lots of students do that in college as well as high school. You do a bit of research about something, and you totally form a piece of mind about it.

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