No Name Woman

This is a very complicated phrase to understand or know where its origin is. However for the wide readers, it may not be a hard task to figure out the source of these words. Their meaning may be hard to understand. These words are in the novel The Real Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston. These words are seen at the beginning of the story. Their aunt had just committed suicide. A young girl is trying to bring back the memories of her mother and the memories that they shared together. She remembers to the time when her mother went missing and the way her mother told her about the story.

The story of a Missing Aunt

In the first part of the novel, Kingston tries to answer questions about the sexuality of the aunt. There are many issues that are related to the society that affected the young aunt until she chooses to take her life. She is portrayed as a woman who makes a mistake of being in the wrong place. She lacks the courage to say her story to her peers and she lives in fear. She does not have the chance to choose even the person to get into a relationship with. Her sexual life has to be hidden from the rest of the family members and the society at large. All this is not her fault and they are problems created by the cultural values and principles. Kingston shows his aunt as a sad lady who lives a complicated life because the family can not approve her sexual life. Her partner is violent but it Kingston’s aunt that is treated as being hungry for sex. When she gets pregnant, she feels like she has messed and took her life.

Issue of Cultural Difference

Kingston could not understand the story that her mother had told her. Worse still, she could not make a thing from the issue of “No Name Woman” as told to her by the mother. She realizes that she is a Chinese-American woman. This makes her understand that the issues affecting her aunt was all about culture. They were in a different country and thus her aunt’s story was all because of the cultural difference and the fact that they were in Diaspora. Kingston gets confused by the stories that her mother told her, the traits learned in childhood and the Chinese culture. She does not understand what is related to Chinese and other factors live sanity, poverty or even family.

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