The Effects Of War On Society

War is a state of armed conflict either between ethnic or different groups in a nation or between two or more countries. The effect of war differs from one society to another and this depends on several factors such as the outcome of the war, the state of the society before and after the war among other things. The effect of war could also be positive or negative, depending on the aspect of the society being considered.

Effects of War on Women and Children

Children and women are probably the most endangered species of the aftermath of war in any society. During a war, children are mostly separated from their parents and as such undergo harrowing experiences that leave them depressed and traumatized. They are also victims of child-soldiering which in the long run impacts negatively on their lifestyle physically, emotionally and psychologically. One of such traumas result from loud bangs of shooting and bombings coupled with horrific screams that rent the air. This psychological experience called shell-shock which was commonplace after the World War I could lead to terrifying nightmares that can affect children way into adulthood.

Economic Effect of War

War carries great consequences on the economic state of a society. There is the inevitability of huge spending on arms and ammunition procurement with funds which could have hitherto been channeled into infrastructural development projects and other key areas that would benefit the society. Worse still, war leaves in its trail infrastructural and environmental devastation which requires colossal amount of capital to replenish. It leads a society in the path of retrogression and impinges development. The United Kingdom once experienced above 150 percent rise in debt above its GDP level during war periods.

Social Effect of War

War separates families, make widows of women, makes widower of men, and orphans of children and adults alike. Homes are destroyed, communities devastated and untold number of lives either lost or displaced. This has given rise to various camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). For instance, tens of thousands were reportedly displaced in the aftermath of the war in Afghanistan in 2007 alone and thousands are currently being displaced from the war-ravaged Syria.

Impact of War on Health

Given the unhealthy conditions of IDP camps, the health conditions of IDPs are seriously endangered. They suffer lack of good food, water and even exposed to insect bites such as mosquitoes and the like which can result in malnourishment and diseases or infections that can lead to death. Moreover, in a war situation people are exposed to hunger, starvation and various conditions inimical to health, resulting in increased death toll.

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