Albert Camus

Albert Camus portrays strong character right from the time he was born. He was born in the in Algeria in the year 1913. One year later, his father died and Camus was left with his mother alone. His mother was ailing and was nearly a deaf and could not offer the best care to Camus. They thus moved to live with Camus’s grandmother. Camus was a bright kid and busied himself with school and sports. This made him a good student and was admired by his tutors. He had a strong will to succeed and was good at what he did. In the year 1923, he sat for the lycee entrance exams and passed as was expected of him. He was accepted for his bachelors at the University of Algiers on the school of philosophy. Fate did not however work well for him and he was forced to leave and not attend school because of tuberculosis. In the 1930 he was able to go back to school but this time as a self sponsored student. He paid for his fee by taking odd jobs like private tutoring, selling car parts spares and working part time for the METEOROLOGICAL Institute.


After receiving his Diploma certificate, he travelled to Europe in 1936 to receive treatment. Camus published his first book of a collection of essays in the 1937. Camus made his trip to Europe after they had divorced with his wife Simone Hie. Their marriage was a short one as they got married in 1934 and divorced two years later. He had joined the communist’s party in the year 1934. This was however a trying time for him. His relationship with the party was also not a good one. His family relationship with his wife was also getting worse and this was a real challenge to him.

Camus in Exile

In 1940, Camus used to write articles that were clearly against the war that ongoing. This put him in potential danger and he was declared as a potential threat to the nation of Algeria. He had to leave the country. When in Paris Camus used false travel papers. France at that time was war torn. We however see Camus joining the Combat in the year 1943. He used the name Beauchard. This helped him to smuggle news about the war to the Public service by carrying copies in disguise of the combat papers. He acted as the editor for the Combat for a period of four years.

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