A List Of The Most Popular Exploratory Essay Topics For College

In an exploratory essay you should explore the issue from different points of view. You are not supposed to argue for your position. What you should do is just assess the problem in an unbiased way, provide opinions of different people on the subject, and prove them with strong supporting information.

It is not difficult to find a good exploratory paper topic for college. Pick any popular and controversial issue, and your essay will be a success. The best exploratory essays are the ones that:

  • Cover at least two arguable sides;
  • Are interesting for discussion;
  • Have no agreed position on the subject of discussion;
  • Are based on enough research materials on the issue including not only opinions, but factual information as well.

Here is a list of popular topics that fit the requirements of exploratory writing for college the best. Choose any idea that grabs your attention or create your peculiar topic on the basis of suggestions below.

  • Can renewable sources of energy fully satisfy our needs in power?
  • Can computers teach better than human teachers?
  • Are tablets and E-readers to blame for making our eyesight worse?
  • Do cell phones cause the brain cancer?
  • Should young children be prevented from using social media?
  • Should number of government positions be decreased?
  • Can our presidency turn into dictatorship?
  • Should we change our taxation system?
  • Is it necessary that two parents be the family earners nowadays?
  • Do adopted children make families stronger?
  • How can nanotechnologies improve our environment?
  • Can social media be used to teach students in college?
  • How do technologies in education improve?
  • Do social media negatively affect personal relationships?
  • Is online education better than traditional education?
  • Is gene screening ethically incorrect?
  • How can the heavily polluting countries, like China and India, be made to do less harm to environment?
  • Do recycling programs really have any positive effect on environment?
  • Why is it important to support the development of electric car technologies?
  • What does “Hawk-Eye” technology mean?
  • Are nanotechnologies safe?
  • Why do food allergies occur more often nowadays?
  • Is the problem of global warming exaggerated?
  • Why cannot bullying in schools be brought under control?
  • Is fast food to blame for obesity among teenagers?
  • How do artificial sweeteners affect our health?
  • How can college be made more affordable?
  • Why should families go to church more often?
  • What factors are responsible for children’s bad behavior: genetics or poor upbringing?
  • What are the most crucial factors for creating a strong family: love, friendship, or financial advantage?

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