A Dolls’ House

It was a large doll house. It was yellow in colour and the roof was dark red in colour. It belonged to a five year old girl called Sammy. Sammy’s uncle had gifted the doll house to her on her fifth birthday. It was a two storeyed doll house. It had a small door and two windows on the ground floor and four windows on the top floor. The windows had beautiful curtains. It was well furnished too. The ground floor had three small rooms. One was a bedroom, one was a kitchen and there was a huge drawing cum dining room. The drawing cum dining room was well furnished with a miniature sofa set and two tiny, brown bean bags. There was a small, wooden table in the drawing area. Fixed on the wall, was a miniature black LCD television. Sammy had placed her favourite doll, Polly, on the sofa set.

The kitchen had a tiny, toy induction oven and a few utensils like tea cups, saucers, spoons, forks, knives, bowls and plates. The dining area had another wooden table and four chairs. Sammy had carefully placed two tea cups on the table and placed her two new dolls, Lucy and Pinky on the chairs. The bedroom on the ground floor was a spacious affair. There was a wooden double bed in the room, a cupboard filled with tiny clothes, which Sammy had bought for her dolls from the nearby market and a study table.

There was a big, spiral staircase there too, in the drawing cum dining room. It was there to lead one to the top floor. The top floor had two more bedrooms, a bathroom and a common room for Sammy’s dolls. The two bedrooms had been beautifully done up by Sammy. She had placed a dressing table in each bedroom, on which combs and hair ribbons had been placed, along with a small wooden bed in each room. She had kept two small flower pots on side tables and had kept artificial flowers in them. Her doll, Rosy, was taking a nap in one of the bedrooms.

The doll house had a tiny but lovely bathroom. Sammy had placed tiny toy buckets, shampoo bottles, oil bottles, conditioners and soaps on the shelves in her bathroom. There was a shower there too. Then there was a common room, where her dolls could sit, relax and chat with each other. Sammy had furnished it with a small couch and a few bean bags.

She loved her doll house a lot. She would play with it everyday. It was indeed one of the best gifts she had ever received.

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