A List Of Interesting Expository Essay Topics For Middle School

Exposition essays offer an in depth explanation of an object, person, place, process, or matter. In writing expository essays, one will engage in describing, explaining, clarifying or evaluating the subject matter. However, expository writing requires giving explanations based on facts rather than opinions and writer’s basic understanding of issues.

To start students off, examiners can pose a question or give a situation. It is upon the student to read and identify issues in order to arrive at a summarized shorter topic. One can identify most important matters in the scenario before formulating the topic. If a question is given, the topic could be structured as a statement to welcome your answers to the question. The body will then provide detailed answers.

Expository topics can be based on your own experience or imagination of the subject matter. Here are 10 topics to consider when writing the essay.

  1. My ideal job: This topic can be an outcome of a question from the examiner, for instance if he/she asked what your ideal job could be.
  2. A perfect gift for my brother's birthday: This expository topic for middle school can be an outcome of a scenario given by the examiner or teacher. For instance, he/she may give a scenario that your brother's birthday is upcoming and explain that it is a culture within the family to give a present to whoever is celebrating a birthday.
  3. The school I would like to be in.
  4. Why I like my favorite subject in school.
  5. Directions to my friend explaining how to trace our home: In this case, writers will consider details such as landmarks and name of streets leading to their home. Details would better be explained using a map in order to create more impact, for instance.
  6. What I saw when my friend got an accident: This, for instance, could relate to a scenario given, that your friend got an accident and he/she was with you. You, for instance, might be asked to write a letter explaining to the principal what you saw.
  7. The most interesting innovation ever made.
  8. Items to take during a trip to Planet Mars: This can be an imaginary topic for an expository essay. Large sections of this essay, therefore, would rely on creativity. However, since there are details emerging about Mars, one could include them too to make the work look factual and reasonable.
  9. My answer to the math problem: If, for instance, you were asked by the tutor to assist a friend who got an answer wrong by telling how you arrived at the right answer, providing details of the work out or formula would be necessary.
  10. Most admirable qualities of the president.

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