The Use Of Alternative Energy Sources

Energy is the primary driving force behind every economy. There can never be any development without energy. Development has been rather slow in the past years because of fluctuation in energy prices. Oil is the main energy used in the many of the industries all over the world. It is a nonrenewable energy. The oil producing and exporting countries control world oil prices. This can be of great impact to the entire world. This has led to many countries exploring for alternative energy sources. This is because, despite the high prices, oil has many other disadvantages.

Reduce environment degradation

Oil is made of enormous hydrocarbons. When oil is burnt, it releases poisonous gases to the environment. Oil is being used in very many sectors driving the economy. The transport and the production industries are the two sectors that rely on oil. If we found an alternative source of energy for the many vehicles all over the world, we would save the world from a lot of environmental pollution. Carbon dioxide which is the main gas that is emitted when you burn oil is an important oil pollutant. This gas forms a cloud in the environment that leads to increasing in temperatures. The gas also contributes to depletion of the ozone layer. The gasses have also resulted in the much talked about the greenhouse effect. Finding alternative energy sources is the best way to reduce pollution and environmental degradation. Alternative sources of energy are clean and do not emit any gasses to the atmosphere. On the hand, the alternative sources are renewable sources that are not at a risk of getting depleted. This means that renewable energies use the renewable natural resources. These include the sun, water, wind ocean tides.

Bring down the cost of energy

The other significant benefit of alternative energy sources is to reduce overreliance on oil as a source of energy. It is exploiting the natural and renewable resources to create energy. By reducing overreliance, we are preventing depletion of the nonrenewable sources of energy like oil. Alternative energy sources are cheaper as compared to oil. However, the initial setting up cost for most of the alternative renewable sources of energy is prohibitive. If this cost and the maintenance cost are redistributed over the long period that an alternative energy source will serve you, then it is cheaper than relying on the oil. By the virtual that alternative sources of energy being renewable, the cost will be lower as compared to nonrenewable energy sources.

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