This school of thought implies that pleasure is the most critical and vital pleasurable good. A hedonist, therefore, strives in all ways in attempts to maximize happiness and pleasure. Controversy surrounds hedonism as it has led to both positive and negative impacts on the societies currently. There is both positive and also negative hedonism. It all depends on the path different individuals select to follow. For any path resected, there are results. According to positive hedonists, the aim should be fulfilling an individual’s desires and wants, as not doing so would be a cause of pain as well as making an individual sad and unhappy. On the other hand, negative hedonism; there is the assumption as well as the claim that having desires for some things causes suffering and pain in life. It is impossible to cater and fulfil every desire one has. One, therefore, needs casting off the wants and desires to avoid the pain. Acc0ording to this category of hedonists, one needs to get contented. In the societies, individuals are unsure on which category of hedonism to join and strive for. To some, both have the essence, and it is vital focusing on both. Some select either of the two while other remains confused on the issue.

What motivates Hedonism?

This is commonly asked but still, many rarely understand motivating factors to hedonists. The question may seem tough and difficult to understand. Some individuals are simply motivated by the desire to have things that are valuable. Others want to determine the value of life with the amount of pleasure they allow themselves. It is possible that one gets satisfied from enjoying pleasurable moments a using less expensive means. Pleasure does not always mean expensive.

What’s wrong with Hedonism?

Sometimes, defining the superior type of hedonism and distinguishing it from the other is difficult. Extreme Hedonism in the society may be dangerous and harming to the individuals practicing it. Too much strive to satisfy desires may be risky in the society. For some people, getting the resources to satisfy and gain pleasure from their desires may be cumbersome. Sometimes, therefore, it may lead to social evils such as stealing to get money to fulfil desires and thus attaining pleasure. On the other hand, suppressing the desires may be harmful also. Casting off desires does not disqualify them as less of what we wish for. It is vital to have the focus on both types. Fulfilling the desires we can and casting those we can’t is critical.

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