Great Descriptive Essay Topics: A List Of Exciting Ideas

Descriptive essays deal with the description of an event, experience, emotion, object, place or person vividly. Such essays are among the favorites of students as they have complete freedom to express their thoughts process immersing themselves in the world of words employing a vivid colorful image. If you are a writer, ensure that your reader feels exactly the same what you mean to express or convey. Simply keep these points in mind and write alluring descriptive essay topics for University students-

  1. A catastrophic accident that ended many lives: Discuss the reason behind it. How that accident took place? What was your reaction as a witness? Who all offered there help?
  2. A dream vacation destination: Play with words and expand your imagination as much as you can. Write about the fragrant air, cascading mountains, the vivid energetic oceans, bustling city life, sky-scraping buildings and how you would feel spending time over there.
  3. A life changing experience that made your life prosperous: You can write on any topic like someone taking birth into your family, the day you got married, a visit to a pilgrimage, a small but touching incident etc.
  4. The life of a metro city: Discuss how life in a metro is better than other city lives. How things move? Discuss the significance of smallest and the biggest opportunities persisting over there.
  5. Discuss the heart throbbing scene of an emergency room: Describe every single sight ranging from the scream of a child to rushing of doctors and nurses. Explain every single frantic incident you can imagine.
  6. Your first day at University: How you felt? Where you found yourself lost? Describe your scary experiences or those filled with excitement.
  7. The most frustrating day of your life: It should not be a sad incident but should include all the memories that are a combination of unfortunate incidences turning your day into a miserable one.
  8. Discuss a few childhood memories that include some humorous incidences, a few witty ones, some exhilarating and some sad ones that broke your heart.
  9. Discuss an unusual phobia that you or your relative finds threatening.
  10. An embarrassing moment that made people mock at you for a couple of days: How you dealt with that situation. Be selective in your choice of words and make the view life rich. Such topics hold plenty of room for growth.
  11. How you turned yourself into a hero from a cowardly person? Who all influenced your personality? Whose qualities you imitated of your ideal person? How they helped you?

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