The Problems With Education

Many people argue that the education system needs to improve, but developing a plan so that schools have the right goals to achieve is not an easy process. The most difficult thing to identify is the problems that become a hindrance in the process of learning of children.

Some of those factors are listed below:

  1. Increased Poverty
  2. According to research 22% of the children who live in United States live at or below the poverty line. According to another research, the students who are living at or below poverty line are most likely to drop out of schools. Studies also show that students who do not get enough sleep or food are not likely to perform well in studies.

  3. Increased Bullying
  4. Bullying is nothing new, but it has a prominent effect on the learning aptitude of a huge number of students. Introduction of technology has provided new platforms to bullies to torture and bully their victims through social media, virtual interactions and texting. Nowadays cyber bullying is one of the common issues schools are facing. A substantial number of suicides can directly be connected to bullying events.

  5. Lack of Parent Involvement
  6. Lack of parental involvement can be one of the major reasons that children do not excel in studies or show lack of interest in school activities. Some parents do not bother to get their children’s reports the whole year and while others hover too much, hence interfering with the learning process. There are many ways in which parents can be involved without negatively affect the education process, but at times teachers do not get that level of commitment from parents. It is also causing increase in dropout rates of students.

  7. Lack of Funding
  8. Lack of funding is one of the biggest problems for public schools especially in recent years. Less funding results in smaller staffs, fewer facilities for students and lesser resources. Some people say that only investing more and more money is not the answer to educational problems, while others say that lack of funding in itself is a cause of many problems.

  9. Health of students
  10. Obesity has become epidemic in the United States. The main reason obesity is becoming common is poor eating habits of the children. It is one of the main reasons of short attendance in school and it also leads to lower achievement levels among children as proved by research. Obesity also increases risk for other medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, which may result in low attendance at school.

These are some of the problems that education systems should tend to in the coming future.

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