Religion And War

There are numerous reasons and factors as to why there have been many wars in the world. All these wars hoped for peace in the end. Some were successful in bringing peace while others just made things worse and conflicts just keep coming up. However, religion is the supreme guide of the people. It is, therefore, important to take a look at the different religions and the stands of these religions about war. You will agree with me that different religions have different beliefs that are hard and complicated to understand. This is what causes different affiliations and various groups following and believing in different faiths. The same way people see the war in various aspects mostly guided by faith. It is, therefore, important to look at war and religion in a non-partisan way so as to understand what is the relationship.

Is war wrong or just holy?

I believe there are three different ways in which each religion can view war. Any religion might adopt any of these views. The first view is universal and is according to the teaching that violence and killing are wrong. This does not support any violence and more so when it associated with killing. The second way is that sees war as just war. This will excuse some war depending on what they are fighting for. Some wars will be justified even by religion because it is fighting for the interest of justice of the people. Such wars should be fought according to some rules. The question, however, is, what rules make a war right? The third view through which some religions support the war is through what is commonly known as holy war. This is when members of a particular religion fight those that are not of their religion and may be of potential threat to their religion. This war is believed to be commanded or asked by the god of that religion.

Supporting non-violence

All the world religions today have their roots in the three world religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. All these religions do not support the war in any way. They believe in nonviolence especially that may put an end to life. Personally, I will differ with any religion that promotes war in any of the forms listed above. The good that a war will cause will only be short lived. But when you look at the damage, it will live with us forever. There are many other peaceful ways to solve any problem without going the violent way.

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