How To Create An Essay Introduction: A Tried And Tested Method

It has been said that some famous writers, Agatha Christie is a good example, write their last chapter first. When it comes to writing an essay however, writing the introduction first seems to be a really sensible thing to do. It's sensible for two main reasons.

  • it helps point you in the right direction
  • it helps point the reader in the right direction

You have to think of your introduction as a roadmap. It's going to answer some basic questions and make one almighty statement. The statement of course is known as the thesis statement which is the whole point or at least the major point listed in your essay. The basic questions you will ask then answer in your essay introduction will see you address the what, the why and the how of your topic. These three issues are dealt with from the very beginning. They steer you through the writing and your teacher or tutor through their reading.

Now obviously spending some time thinking about the topic of your essay and its choice is obviously seriously important. But having settled on the topic you now have to ensure that you introduce it correctly and thoroughly in your introduction. Starting well gives you a boost and keeps the reader’s mind on the job.

Of course that doesn't mean that you endlessly write information in this the beginning of your work. Far from it. If ever the adage that ‘less is more’ is appropriate it would apply here in your essay introduction. Take your time in creating the introduction. It’s the sort of section where editing and polishing is never more necessary.

Settle on your thesis statement. Take your time in creating it. Everything revolves around your thesis statement in the following paragraphs and certainly in your summary. And having settled on your thesis statement you need to ask those three questions about what it's all about. Why you are going to be able to prove your thesis statement and finally, how you will do just that. Some students spend ages on their thesis statement because they know how important it is to the success of their introduction and the jolly essay itself.

If you stick to these principles and follow these tips you stand an outstanding chance of writing a classy essay introduction. From there everything else follows.

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