Napoleon And The French Revolution

The motivation forces of the French revolution were Liberty, Fraternity and Equity. However, the mechanisms adopted to achieve these objectives were extreme. It is unbelievable that, over forty thousand people lost their lives during the terror reign. When the French army leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, overthrew the French government from authority in 1799 through a coup d’état, his mission was to end revolution and bring peace in France. Initially, Napoleon used dictatorship but as time went on, people were given rights and freedom they sought out during the revolution. By so doing, Napoleon united and developed a firm French society, while still supporting the French revolution ideals.

French Revolution

France tranquility and peace came through firm and autocratic leadership of Napoleon. Napoleon re-built the French monarchy after establishing himself as consul for life in 1804. Napoleon centralized the government of France through nominating new government officials, developing more effective and systematic tax collection system, and generated a National Bank. He perceived that it was the will of God that he took the reign. In fact, Napoleon taking of the French reign was s blessing.

Through legal treaties and codes, napoleon restored the French civilization which reflected revolutionary concept. Napoleon protected the right to own properties, supported toleration of religions and provided equity to all people before the law. On the other hand, Napoleon destroyed serfdom and abolished all feudalism remains. In 1801, Napoleon signed concordat with pope to reverse the evil practices committed during the revolutionary era. Despite Napoleon not being a religious man, he was aware that most citizens needed to put their faith into practice. In response, the pope appreciated the revolution achievements. As a result, religious and processions festivals picked up as well as seminaries.

Napoleon’s achievements

Nevertheless, Napoleon wanted to become the Europe emperor. This was portrayed through Napoleon’s crossing the Alps panting by Jacques Louis David, where Napoleon was displayed with power, strength and majesty. Napoleon developed a firm military which conquered most of Europe nations. For instance, Napoleon destroyed inquisition tribunal, feudal rights, and internal barriers of trade in Spain. However, despite his potential power, Napoleon never mistreated his newly gained territories. Napoleon main goal was to restore the equity, liberty and prosperity of people.

However, despite civilizing and instilling some of the French revolution ideals, most citizens viewed Napoleon’s actions as nothing else but demand for power and authority for his personal gratification. Although eventually prosperity, equity and peace were attained, some citizens believed that aristocratic policies used by Napoleon deprived some of their rights.

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