How To Select Expository Essay Topic For 9th Grade Students

Expository essays are writings which requires students to carry our investigation concerning a certain idea, evaluate the evidence and set forth an appropriate argument. During the writing of these essays, thesis statements are the most important consideration. Your thesis statement is generally the topic of your essay. For 9th graders, they are not required to go into much detail concerning the strict following of the set writing procedure, though knowledge of introduction, body and conclusion is essential. The topics will generally be something they can relate to, something which is not that complex.

A look at some examples will prove helpful since from these topics, diverse thesis statements can arise:

A day with a friend

In this expository paper, you will have to image a friend is visiting you for one day. This topic gives you the chance to write how you will spend the time when you will be together.

Direction for a meal

In this topic, you can write a step by step instruction on how you will prepare a certain meal. You will have to state the ingredients and also details of all the steps. Details the likes of taste, smell and appearance are very important.

Special Skills

In this paper, you will basically consider a certain skill through which people excel in. You can even write a skill you have and how you excelled at it. You should be specific about how you achieved your success using this skill.

Two classes comparison

In this essay, you will basically compare and contrast two classes. You are supposed to describe two similarities and two differences between these classes. You should ensure you are comprehensive and specific as much as possible.


Imagine your school is creating an award ceremony for people who will demonstrate outmost dedication towards education or sports. This award will be given to someone who has the ability to make the school a better place. You should write an essay describing the person who deserves this award.

Teen owned business

You have received an offer from the teenagers. This offer requires you to provide teens with startup money for different business, you are required to present the bank with an essay to describe your business ideas. Write about what business you would like to start and the appropriate location for the business.

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