A List Of Good Argumentative Essay Topics To Cover

Writing an argumentative essay is a great way for students to learn a lot about the most important aspects of composing great academic papers. But it’s not always easy to come up with original topics to keep students interested in this kind of assignment. So here is a list of some good topics to consider:

  1. Do you think it’s important for people to shop at local independent businesses to stimulate their communities’ economy? Is shopping at national chains or online companies a good thing for local communities?
  2. Do you believe that companies like Amazon have become so powerful that they are driving smaller businesses into ruin? Does convenience or price outweigh a customer’s choice?
  3. Do you think teenagers should have to commit to some level of volunteerism or community service? If you agree, at what age should teenagers start and how much work should they do per week, per month, etc.?
  4. Do communities have on effect on the identity of the children, teens and young adults who are raised there? Why do certain communities continue to exist below the poverty line and how does high crime rates say about the people who live there?
  5. Should people who commit abusive or violent crimes against animals be more severely punished than they are now? What about cases in which there is an accident that caused pain or suffering on an animal? E.g., a car accident?
  6. Do you believe that intelligent life has ever existed or currently exists in places other than on Earth? What evidence can you present to support your belief? Will we ever find intelligent life on other planets?
  7. How concerned are you about climate change and do you believe more people should take greater actions against it? Is it possible for humans to reverse or significantly slow the negative effects of global warming?
  8. What do you believe caused the extinction of dinosaurs on this planet and do you believe such an extinction is inevitable for humans? If starvation caused the extinction then can advances in science help prevent a similar extinction?
  9. Why do you believe that space tourism is or isn’t a possibility in your lifetime? How much would it cost and would it be available to the average person?
  10. Do you believe that humans will one day colonize and populate distant planets? The most obvious possibility lies with Mars, but are there other planets that can one day be considered?

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