Coming Up With Good Essay Topics: A Guide For High School Students

When it comes to choosing topics for essays, many students don’t know how to do it properly. First of all, they often choose wrong topics. Also, they may spend too much precious time on choosing. If you are going to write your first essay soon, it’s advisable to read this article first. Here you can see a guide that will help you choose a perfect topic for any paper.

  1. Do some brainstorming.
  2. Your first step is to generate different ideas for potential topics. The easiest way for this is to think about things you like. If your topic relates to something you like or know, it’ll be much easier for you to write your paper. Make a list of possible topics that are both interesting to you and that meet the requirements of your teacher.

  3. Leave only the best ideas.
  4. Now, when you have a list of potential topics, it’s time to choose only the best ones. You should leave the topics that don’t require a lot of researching. Eliminate all the ideas that will take plenty of outside reading and studying. It’s better to spend more time on writing your essay, than on researching.

  5. Think about your readers.
  6. The fact that you like all your ideas doesn’t mean that everybody will like them. To narrow your list even more, you should think about the interests of your readers. Eliminate the topics that aren’t significant or interesting for the majority of your audience. Your topic should attract attention of as much people as possible.

  7. Show your list to somebody else.
  8. Now your list should be very short. It’s always good to know how others view your ideas. Take your list and approach your friends, classmates and teacher asking what they think about your ideas. Basing on their opinions it’ll be easier to leave only one topic.

  9. Choose only one topic.
  10. If you follow the previous steps, it will be easy for you to select the topic you need. Do it as quickly as possible. There’s no sense in waiting and hesitating. This will only steal precious time that you might have spent on researching.

  11. Stick to this topic.
  12. When you’ve chosen a final topic for your essay there’s no way back. Spend necessary time only on it. Don’t think about other new ideas even if they seem better. It won’t be wise to change your topic when you’ve already started to write your paper. You should change your topic only in case if your teacher told you to do so.

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